Lutz Gersthofer (born June 12 1982 in Linz, Austria) is an Austrian football referee who is a referee for Jmc tournaments.

Early Life Edit

Gersthofer was born in Linz, Austria and raised in the countryside. He became interested in football at a young age and then became interested in refereeing. He joined the refereeing squad in his local community football club in his late teens. His first match as refereeing was between Fußballklub Austria Wien and his hometown club of FC Linz.

He was later approached by FIFA and Jmc TV to do work for both associations of Football games, a decision he described as the best of his life as it gave him an opportunity to travel all over the world

Matches he has refereed in Jmc TV Edit

Gersthofer has refereed the following games:

Personal Life Edit

Gersthofer continues to reside in Linz with his family. He enjoys photography and takes pictures of the Austrian landscapes around him.

He also makes trips to Vienna to work in the security business.