Jmc World Cup Serbia 2014 - First Round Overview

Title card featuring host Michael Wolf.

The jmc World Cup Serbia 2014 First Round Overview was broadcasted by Jmc TV on YouTube on July 26th 2015. It was hosted by Jmc TV presenter Michael Wolf, his second show after the Japan 2012 First Round Overview. It was recorded from a studio in Belgrade, Serbia for 3 weeks before the official broadcast.

Planning and RehearsalsEdit

After the success of his Japan 2012 first round overview show in 2013, Wolf announced his determination to make another show that would be better than his previous one.

Wolf's plan was taking into account by the producers at Jmc TV. After they booked a studio to broadcast in Belgrade, Wolf and his production team flew to Serbia to begin rehearsals and designing the set. Rehearsals went on for 3 weeks.

Wolf during rehearsals.


The studio was constructed within two days. Wolf stood behind a table containing a trophy as a set design.