The Knockout Stages of the Jmc World Cup Serbia 2014 began on August 2 2015 and concluded on September 3rd 2015. The stage was comprised of 16 teams: 8 group winners and 8 runners-up. The format is single elimination. The winner of each game went through to the Quarterfinals.

Bracket Edit

Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
Serbia- 1
Tunisia- 0 Serbia
Belgium- 2
Mexico- 0 Winner QF1
Winner QF2
Brazil- 5
Italy- 3 Brazil
Czech Republic
Ivory Coast Winner SF1
Winner SF2
Portugal TBD
Paraguay Winner QF3
Winner QF4
United States TBD


Host nation Serbia and Tunisia started the Knockout stage games on August 2 2015. The hosts scored 1 point which the game ended with a 1-0 win for Serbia giving them a place in the quarterfinals, their best result in a jmc tournament so far.

Belgium and Mexico played second in the Knockout stages of the tournament. Belgium won this game and will play against Serbia in the Quarterfinals.

Brazil and title holders Italy played third in the knockout rounds. The defending champions were eliminated with a 5-3 defeat from Brazil.

Czech Republic and Ivory Coast played on August 13th 2015. This was the first match in the tournament to go to a penalty shootout. As the scores were 3-3 at extra time. Czech Republic won the shootout, having scored each goal.

Sweden and Portugal played on August 20th 2015. This was the second game to go into penalties following 3-3 at extra time. Portugal won the shootout.

Spain and Paraguay played on August 23rd 2015. Paraguay won the game with a 2-1 victory over the Spanish.

Holland and the United States played on August 27th 2015. The match went into extra time following a 2-2 draw at the end of full time. USA scored a goal in extra time and progressed to the quarterfinals.

Russia and Greece played the final Knockout game on September 3rd 2015. Russia won the game 2-0 and progressed to the quarterfinals.