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All the info you want or need to know to enter the amazing jmc Universe create by JCA1009: all jmc competitions that you can enjoy on jmc TV, "a virtual world for real". Check the channel at:

jmc Universe is a virtual sports world in which teams and nations fight through all kinds of competitions (mainly football/soccer).

Why a YouTube channel's virtual cup became a universe?Edit

Because the jmc World Cup it isn't an only person topic (or friends) anymore. Because the virtual cup did exist before jmc TV. Because jmc TV is a community! JCA1009 started in 1992 making his virtual cups. And now, it evolved in something that needs logos, designs, music, edition, modding... not just a video game and desire to play. Fun, share, enjoy... it evolved into a community. It has its own jmc World Ranking, World Cups, Qualifying Round (Road To World Cup) and much more!!

What can I do to support this jmc Universe Edit

Well, first of all, you can subscribe, comment and share at jmc TV, "a virtual world for real", here: Next, read all you want from this Wiki, our blog, Facebook Fan Page... and share it with your family, friends, etc.

And after that, if you still want to make more for the jmc Universe, you can contribute here with info about the jmc Universe. We need help and we believe that together we are stronger.

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